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The Adventist Muslim Fellowship Association (AMFA) of Atlanta is an organization made up of Seventh–day Adventists and Muslims uniting under the common belief in the One, True, Creator God (Allah [الله] in Arabic) and choosing to live their lives in preparation for the return of Jesus (Isa) and the final day of judgment.

Relying on the grace and mercy of God (Allah), we are working together to encourage deeper faith and good works in order to be a blessing to the world around us.

AMFA seeks opportunities in the community to combat the ignorance and alienation between religions and peoples by engaging in interfaith cooperative activities, including:

  • Promoting better health in our communities through educational health programs
  • Encouraging good will by sponsoring humanitarian projects locally and internationally
  • Increasing knowledge and peaceful appreciation through interfaith educational meetings

Although AMFA or its members do not represent either religion officially, members aim to act and work according to a coherent and unified view of the ways of God (Allah), as represented in the texts of the Abrahamic religions.

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